One of the distinguished things that have been worked on in Soli Golf, the Administrative Capital is the allocation of the largest area for green areas and the expansion of the spaces between the units so that all residents can enjoy this beautiful aesthetic view every morning, and also in the Soli Golf Compound, one of the largest golf courses in the new capital It has an area of ​​about 4 full acres.

Features of Soly Golf Administrative Capital

The place was not without the many advantages provided by the developer in Soleil Golf Residence in order to make you find everything you need and more in one place and help you start a different, more vibrant and luxurious lifestyle, thus enjoying special times in which there are many details that contribute to building a more comfortable and different atmosphere In fact.

Here are the many advantages that UC provided in the Soli Golf Residence Compound, the Administrative Capital:

The location is the beginning of distinction in the place because it has a great deal of difference being in the eighth residential district, which makes it easier to access because it overlooks more than one main road, including the central axis and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
In the vicinity of the compound there are more than one residential and commercial project and many recreational places, in addition to it overlooking the beautiful Green River Park.
The company chose for the Soleil Golf project a distinctive architectural design that resembles the European style in design, which makes the residents enjoy great enjoyment and comfort within the place.
It was also taken into account that Suli golf Residence has large areas of green areas that relax the eye and make the person feel more calm and calm.
There is also a golf course of about 16,800 square meters dedicated to a golf course, one of the largest in the capital as a whole.
There is also more than one artificial lake designed in harmony with the various spaces and units in the place.
Diversity in residential units in terms of space and type in order to make the choice easier for the customer to reach what he wants.

Suli golf Residence services

There is more than one service and facility provided in the Soli Golf Residence Compound, the administrative capital, which primarily works to make the place more distinguished and has better capabilities and helps make the project a greater integration of the residents. In this paragraph, we offer you the advantages in the compound, which are as follows:

Soleil Golf has more than one swimming pool suitable for many ages who can enjoy this beauty in the project.
There are garages in the compound that have been designed to obtain great safety in the place, and also that the residents’ cars do not cause any congestion or crowding.
In order for Soleil Golf to be safer, an integrated insurance system has been provided that provides more opportunity for residents to live a life in peace and tranquility.
The compound includes more than one entrance to facilitate movement to and from the place.
Soleil Golf has a large commercial area with a large number of shops and restaurants working around the clock to serve you.