Soli Golf Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital is one of the modern projects that UC Real Estate has worked on, and it is one of the advanced works that the company was keen to put forward as soon as possible, and it would be integrated with facilities and services so that living in it would be better.

Suli golf Residence has more than one important feature, including its presence in the new capital, and the existing units vary in order to make your choice easier for what suits you, and to better understand the features and services in Suli Golf Residence, the administrative capital, so that the purchase decision is easier. We worked in this article to provide information and the details you need.

The location of Soli Golf Residence

There is nothing more beautiful than finding a suitable place for you and your family that puts in your hands everything you dream, want and increase, and also provides you with a life full of vitality and beauty in which there are features and services that make your stay in the place better and make you live in greater comfort and enjoy your precious moments.

Soli Golf Residence Compound Asm guarantees you to live in luxury and great fun and get a large number of features that contribute to improving the life of you and your family. UC Real Estate has been interested in this new project from its huge business to provide it with a strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is considered A huge competitive advantage in Soleil Golf.

The new capital is one of the major stations that the state has paid attention to in the recent period and worked to build it with the best technologies and modern engineering designs that contribute to making the city in the best condition and also provide its residents with greater opportunities to live in a place that provides them with means of comfort and luxury, as well as basic services that guarantee them A better standard of life.

The developer of Soli Golf Residence Compound chose its location in the eighth residential neighborhood “R8”, meaning that the place is located close to more than one axis and a main road, including the central axis:

Here, in this paragraph, more information that the Soli Golf site and the safety near it are as follows:

  • Sully Golf is located in the eighth residential district, specifically in plot “03”.
  • The compound is easily accessible through the regional ring road as well as the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • There is a short space between Sole Gol, the administrative capital, and the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • There are also some kilometers separating the Soli Golf project from the capital’s largest park, the Green River Park.
  • Soli Golf is located 5 minutes away from the government district.
  • Soli Golf Compound is the new capital near the diplomatic district.
  • The new monorail station and the downtown area are located a short distance from Soleil Golf.
  • There are some other projects in the vicinity of the project, including Light City Compound, the Administrative Capital, Moraya Compound, the New Capital, and Kardia Compound, the Administrative Capital.

The developer was able to choose a special location in the New Administrative Capital, which makes Soli Golf a truly unique place that allows you to live comfortably from all sides.

Designed by Suli Golf Residence New Capital

It is important to enjoy beauty in all corners of Soli Golf Residence, the administrative capital in which you live, and you can find the comfort and tranquility you want, and also find some advantages that help you enjoy and live the life of luxury required, so UC Real Estate has worked on the construction of one of its latest projects In the new capital, it is Soly Golf Residence Compound, the administrative capital.

The developer has designed the place in a modern architectural style that allows the residents different colors of happiness and guarantees them the privacy necessary for comfortable living. The interior designs have been made to have many details available for your comfort and help you see the beauty in the place from green spaces and large gardens.

One of the distinctive things that have been worked on in Soli Golf, the Administrative Capital is the allocation of the largest area for green areas and the expansion of the spaces between the units so that all residents can enjoy this beautiful aesthetic view every morning, and also in the Soli Golf Compound there is one of the largest golf courses in the New Capital It has an area of ​​about 4 full acres.

Features of Soly Golf Administrative Capital

The place was not without the many advantages provided by the developer in Soleil Golf Residence in order to make you find everything you need and more in one place and help you start a different, more vibrant and luxurious lifestyle, thus enjoying special times in which there are many details that contribute to building a more comfortable and different atmosphere In fact.

Here are the many advantages that UC provided in the Soli Golf Residence Compound, the Administrative Capital:

  • The site is considered the beginning of distinction in the place because it enjoys a great deal of difference being in the eighth residential district, which makes it easier to reach because it overlooks more than one main road, including the central axis and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • In the vicinity of the compound there are more than one residential and commercial project and many recreational places, in addition to it overlooking the beautiful Green River Garden.
  • The company has chosen for the Soli Golf project a distinctive architectural design that resembles the European style in design, which makes the residents enjoy great enjoyment and comfort within the place.
  • It was also taken into account that Suli golf Residence has large areas of green areas that relax the eye and make the person feel more calm and calm.
  • There is also a golf course of about 16,800 square meters dedicated to a golf course, one of the largest in the capital as a whole.
  • There is also more than one artificial lake designed in harmony with the various spaces and units in the place.
  • Diversity of residential units in terms of space