East Tower New Capital If you are one of those who want to realize the dream of real estate investment in one of the most prominent modern cities in Egypt, which is the administrative capital, you will find that UC Real Estate Development has provided a range of distinguished options in its new project, East Tower, the capital Administrative The purpose of the company was to be the tallest mall in the capital and in front of the iconic tower in particular.
UC Real Estate Development and Investment is considered one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and has gained the confidence of many investors in the real estate field in Egypt and the Arab world due to the clear vision of the company and the goals that the company sets for the coming years.

The space and design of East Tower, the new administrative capital, East Tower

UC Development and Real Estate Investment was keen to provide East Tower, the new administrative capital, on a large and distinct area estimated at 12,000 square meters. The new administration.

Oftentimes, the real estate investment and development company works to provide the percentage of facilities much less than the percentage of green spaces and landscaping, the real estate development company UC did the same, which is leaving the largest space for green spaces to provide a distinct and large view of the most important projects in the capital such as the iconic tower and also contains a mall I Tower has hotel apartments for sale in the Administrative Capital, shops and offices of various sizes and prices to suit all customers in East Tower New Capital.

Payment and payment systems in installments in the East Tower, the administrative capital, e tower

If you are one of the real estate investors here in East Tour, the new administrative capital, UC Real Estate Development and Investment has been keen to provide its new project with a distinguished set of units that you can get one of them very easily through a set of payment and long-term payment systems that the company announced to come As follows:

10% down payment, after one year, 5%, and after the second year, 5% and the remaining installments of the unit price over 10 years without interest, with a discount of up to 15%.
15% down payment of the unit value, 27% discount, and the rest in installments over 6 years in equal installments.
A down payment of 20% of the unit value, a discount of up to 24%, and the rest in installments over 8 years in equal installments.